How did we get bitten by the ‘travel bug’?

My husband and I never really traveled when we were young. After we got married we went to a few places in Europe… but never any further afield. Then my sister and her husband moved to China and invited us out to visit. I would never have had the confidence to go to China if my sister hadn’t been there, not speaking the language being the main obstacle for me, it was so far out of my comfort zone!

So we went out to China with our two children, aged 10 and 12, for 5 weeks and had the most epic experience of our lives. We travelled around to lots of different areas, went on sleeper trains, trekked up mountains, cycled through remote villages, kayaked on the River Li and slept in tiny guest houses. It remains to this day one of my most favourite trips and I often find myself flicking through the many photos! (I’ll do a separate blog about that trip because there’s just so much to write about it.)

And that was how we caught the ‘travel bug’, and since then we’ve travelled to New Zealand, Indonesia, The US (inc. Hawaii, California, Nevada, Arizona), Switzerland, Croatia, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Majorca, Spain, and Belgium with our kids.

We have a 1966 VW Campervan and so we also travel around the UK quite a bit too. Last year we took her through France and into Spain which was our longest trip in her.

I’m hoping to bring all of our travelling experiences together in this blog, for my own benefit but also to inspire other families to travel with their kids. I’ll also be sharing my tips on how to travel with your family on a budget 😄<<<<

3 thoughts on “How did we get bitten by the ‘travel bug’?

  1. Mrs. Kate Singh

    Hi, I saw you on my blog Coffee with Kate and was curious. I love this blog and dream of traveling with my boys as well one day. I’m going to save this for after I drop off Arjan at school (was homeschooling but he chose school out in the world) and sit with my coffee to learn some tips and go exploring! 🙂

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