Homeschooling Our Way

My daughter is 7 years old and up until now we’ve taken a fairly laidback approach to our homeschooling. We decided very early on that we would follow the Scandinavian ethos of not beginning formal lessons until the age of 7. Learning through play has been so important together with lots of time outdoors learning about nature.

We have read to her every day since birth and by simply following along the words with a finger she learned to read at a very early age. We never did phonics or any other popular learning methods, it was all organic. She now reads at a very advanced level for her age.

However when she was of ‘school age’ (which in England can be deferred until the term following their 5th birthday) we started adding more educational activities and by the time she turned 7 we had a pretty comprehensive plan in place. This plan covers most of the subjects that she would be learning at school. We are so lucky to have an immensely supportive local home ed community and we meet up a few times a week to do group lessons together.  These include sports, gymnastics, drama, dance, science, history, geography, cookery and art. This fulfills the ‘social’ aspect for us and has been a lovely way to make friends.

I have a large amount of books on a wide variety of subjects together with lots of reading books. We also subscribe to Eco Kids Planet,  Whizz Pop Bang and Story Time magazines which are all excellent learning resources.


Maths – Doodlemaths & DoodleTables apps, workbooks

English – Reading, library visits, writing to pen pals, journal keeping, handwriting practice, story writing competitions, BBC Schools Radio (iPlayer), DoodleEnglish app

Science – Crest Awards, Mystery Science website, home experiments, 2 hour fortnightly science  group lesson with tutor

Languages – BBC Schools website, Duolingo app, foreign travel

History – Horrible Histories, BBC Schools, family tree research, group lesson with tutor

Geography – Blue Planet, BBC Schools, group lesson with tutor

Sports – Weekly group sports lesson, weekly dance class, weekly gymnastics lesson, daily walking & cycling, swimming

Cookery, Arts & Craft – Weekly cookery lesson, Arts Award, daily art & craft at home

Life Skills – helping around the house, empty dishwasher, set table for dinner, help to look after dog, keep bedroom and toys tidy


School Reading List

Night Zookeeper

BBC Schools

Crest Awards

Arts Award

Mystery Science




2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Our Way

  1. Mrs. Kate Singh

    This is a very helpful blog with all the resources. I started out homeschooling with big dreams and then my eldest decided to go to a public charter. He is very advanced in many things but not reading or writing. He is catching up fast, though. I was doing the Finland style with also waiting until a child is 7. That is also Waldorf style. Children thrive when allowed to be children and learn through play for years.


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