Project ‘Breakfast Bar’

I’ve had a Pinterest board on the go for some time now, bringing together all my ideas for our new breakfast and coffee bar. Somehow Ben has managed to bring all of these ideas together and create this AMAZING new area in the kitchen.

I wanted to mix natural materials with an industrial look (we live in an old Mill and the whole house has a bit of an industrial feel). We used solid oak for the worktop and shelves, and galvanised steel legs with scaffolding fixings. We then found some oak bar stools with a grey fabric seat cushion to soften the look.

We replaced the power sockets with new ones which have USB charging points and this has been a hit with the kids. I also bought some new glass Mason jars for storing breakfast cereals and have finally got space to display all my vintage coffee pots!

It’s given the room another dimension and I’m surprised how much we actually use it! Now what else can I find for him to do?

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