That’s NOT my name!!

People have struggled with my name for my entire life. My name is Keren. It’s like Karen but ever so slightly different. It has an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’. When I sign off an email or text please take note of how I spell it. I haven’t made a mistake so please don’t correct it. That really is how my name is spelt. So when you reply, maybe use the name I signed off with? Also when you ask my name and I tell you, here’s a tip: say it the way I do. It’s not hard. It’s literally two syllables. It’s not Karen, Kieran or Kareen. It’s really not that hard. And no, it’s not a made up name.

And now my children’s names. My son’s name is not ‘Bran’. He is not a breakfast cereal. My daughter’s name is not ‘Loo’ or ‘Loose’. If I’d wanted them to have these names I really would have chosen them. Here’s a clue: if I shorten my child’s name to something, then this is acceptable. Other than these variations, please don’t rename my children!

Just saying…..

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