Just add sugar (seriously, please!)

I love drinking tea. It’s quite the British tradition and no matter where in the world I’ve traveled, I have yet to find a better tea than our own Yorkshire Tea or Twinings English Breakfast and I take my own teabags with us everywhere we travel now. The US has Lipton, which to be honest, as I’m so used to our own tea brands, I found this just a bit insipid and I will only drink this as a last resort. In China we had actual real loose leaf Chinese tea which was a lovely cultural experience, but too strong and bitter for my liking. We had SariWangi tea in Bali and this had quite a nice distinctive flavour, I even brought some home with us, but it just didn’t hit the spot. So when I’m home there’s nothing I love more than a proper cup of tea and I don’t think I’ve ever been known to say no when offered a cup!

Now I’ve been married for quite some time. Twenty two years actually. One would think that by now ones’ husband would know how one takes ones’ tea. You’d think.

I’m not fussy, I don’t really mind how it comes. I don’t have specific requirements about the order in which the milk is added, or if the teabag is taken out first. But I do have one request- I really like having sugar in my tea. I always have, it’s not a big deal. It takes around four seconds to add the sugar. I don’t wish to be weaned off, I just want some sugar in my tea. And some days I don’t and on those days I’ll let everyone know. So in the absence of an announcement……..will people PLEASE just add some sugar to my tea??

Just saying……

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