A healthy kids breakfast cereal that they’ll actually LIKE

I don’t know how long these ‘Bear‘ Cocoa Alpha Bites have been available but I stumbled upon them this week whilst wandering around Waitrose. Tragically this is what I chose to do with an unexpected hour of child-free time!

I was immediately struck by the ‘no refined sugars’ claim on the box and as I’m trying to reduce my daughters’ sugar intake, I thought I’d buy some.

Some ‘healthy’ low sugar cereals are either full of artificial sweeteners or are really bland and tasteless – I’ve thrown out a lot that have just been left to go stale in the cupboard. But here is one that actually tastes good! With only 4% sugar content per 100g compared with other kids cereals that contain up to 30% per 100g, here is a really easy way to cut out some sugar from your child’s diet.

Containing just SIX natural ingredients, there are no nasties at all.

  • Whole grain wheat
  • Ground oats
  • Ground rice
  • Coarsely ground corn
  • Unrefined ground cocoa
  • Coconut blossom nectar (from the flower of the coconut tree)

I will definitely be buying these again! Check out the rest of the healthy kids range at Bear Nibbles 🐻

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