The Art of Being Kind

It’s such a simple principle – to be kind to others. It must surely be the most fundamental thing that we can teach our children, especially in today’s ‘me first’ and ‘selfie’ culture that prevails.

If every single person in the world was kind towards others can you imagine the effect it would have? It is known as the ‘Golden Rule’ – to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

I have always taught my children that to be kind is so much more important than being beautiful. You will always be ugly if you are unkind, but you will always be beautiful if you are kind. It is such an appealing quality to have and what better thing to be known for!

I recently read about a new movie that will be released towards the end of this year called ‘Mission Fat Hearts‘, which is all about random acts of kindness. It’s based on the ‘Adventures of Pookie’ series of books by Rebecca Yee-Peters, and follows Pookie and Thor as they go on a mission to complete 25 random acts of kindness. The author aims to empower kids with the tools needed to spread love and kindness throughout the holiday season and beyond. Anyone can be ‘giving’ when society dictates it, but how about after the holidays? Will you still be kind? This movie will be sure to reach your child’s heart and motivate them to want to be kind.

Maybe after watching, you and your kids will be inspired to get involved with the Random Acts of Kindness movement! Or at the very least aim to consciously look for small ways to be kind to others.

To find out more about this movie and to assist in it’s production take a look at the press release:


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